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Pixlr – Free Photo Editor Apk File Free Install Directly

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Make your memories more memorable, It was an could based app for windows users, while the introduction of mobile version make it the offline photo editing application. This application is normally used for the photo editing, hundreds of photo effects makes the application more unique form other applications, while using desktop pixler express edition you need a reliable internet connection, on the other hand using the mobile version does not needs an internet connection. Where some of features will not available offline but you will be able to use them after installing them from the internet.
   Pixlr – Free Photo Editor- screenshot     Pixlr – Free Photo Editor- screenshot     Pixlr – Free Photo Editor- screenshot
History of Pixlr Express:
The photo editing software Pixlr was founded in 2008 by the OLA sevandersson in Sweden. While the an agreement pixlr was not disclosed on 24 April 2017.
Best Photo Editor:
 The pixlr app is one of the best mobile application for photo editing, with best features, new effects are including there. The free pixlr express app allows users to capture images too with applying effects while capturing photos. Formally the app allows all the basic editing features whiling installing the application, but there are number of the features, effects and new tools available online for install and use on your photo.
Some of basic features can be describe as follows:
  1. ·         You can create photos collages with a variety of choices for layout, designing, nice background, best frame and spacing.
  2. ·         Auto fix option will allow you to balance out your captured photo with pixlr epress or imported for editing to the app.
  3. ·         Pencil drawing feature will make a photo more unique.
  4. ·         The new feature in the photo editor application is focus and blur feature, the pixlr exprss also provides this feature.
  5. ·         Resize image easily and kept them into a folder, crop your photo easily with thee pixlr app.
  6. ·         Share your edited photo after finishing the picture with the application directly through Instagram, facebook, twitter , email or the social app installed on your smart phone.

Additional Information:
  1. ·         The pixlr was recently updated on November 13 2017.
  2. ·         More than 50000000 times installed on devices.
  3. ·         The pixler requires 4.0.3 or higher version.

The application can be install through google play store

For desktop version Click Here
Install on your smart phone directly Click here

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