Saturday, December 23, 2017

Free Download Microsoft Apps Apk File

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It is now 2018 and yes every thing is possible with just your smart phone. Use features of Multi operating system or Install An application of different Operating system on your smart phone. Microsoft now announce the Microsoft Apps Apk File on the play store to make user able to user their features on the smart phone.
With the announcing of the Microsoft Apps Update 3.0.0 Which include a now feature for the windows insiders program.The stunning application make able a user to browse and continue tasks form the smartphone directly on the Windows Operating System. Just need to do a step for this feature is to become windows insider on the link by  Clicking Here.
Microsoft now offers all the categories including Education, Entertainment , Communication, News, and you also can discover the new applications on play store for the Microsoft Phone. 

  Microsoft Apps- screenshot thumbnail     Microsoft Apps- screenshot thumbnail     Microsoft Apps- screenshot thumbnail

How To Install Microsoft App Apk File:
The basic steps to install the Microsoft App apk file are thee given below
  1. You must agree terms and conditions for the first installation of this app for the terms and conditions you must visit to the a link Click here
  2. Also to read the privacy agreement also need to visit a Link Click He
New Features in Microsoft Apps Apk File:
 New features are now added in Microsoft Apps apk file so it is now become in an amazing look and power, All the features are now in just one click some of  now features of the application are given as:
   Microsoft Apps- screenshot

  1. Have a new experience with Browsing All the apps form Microsoft on Android
  2. Find the trend for Microsoft Apps , Installed apps , and what you want to see.
  3. also can brows by category like, Education, Sports etc.
Additional Features
  1. The Application was recently Updated in December 20,2017. 
  2. Installed on 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 devices till now.
  3. Current Version of Microsoft Apps Apk is
Download Link:
Click Here to Install The App directly
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