Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Best file ASUS File Manager Download free Full cracked

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Solution to the un organized files on your smart phone is now available on just one step , if you feel the file like Photos ,Videos , music and etc files are not in a well organize in your smart phone your solution is here now. ASUS File manager will help you out for the problem. All the versions are now available on google, including ASUS for PC, ASUS for android and ASUS file manager for iOS too.
   File Manager- screenshot     File Manager- screenshot     File Manager- screenshot
How ASUS Organizes Files:
ASUS file manager efficiently handles your files whether your files are stored in memory, MicroSD card, Local area network (LAN) or a cloud storage account. The files on ASUS file manager software you can edit, delete, move or share from any of your storage listed before. There are some of best features offer by ASUS file manager app can be describe as:
On LAN , Cloud storage, microSD card, or your smart device Search, update, move, or delate some folder can be easily perform.
Max storage for cloud storage supports, as your ASUS web storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and outlook accounts storage can also be embedded to the app. Also a user can manage files in Local Area Network (LAN), or SMB (samba) network too.
To prevent to serve more space the zip fil type is also supported to save files in minimum size on the disk. So that space can be easily saved.
Importance of ASUS app:
Time is more precious among all the things in the world, it is very important to save time for you, while its not possible without be in a managed way, To save your time while you are be on your smart phone , it can be a big task to find a file while you have number of files, photos, videos on your smart phone, so it is very to manage your data  and files on the phone, so you can save your time , effort and the memory too.
Put your file, picture, or video in a designated place for access easily whenever you need it. Identification for your data and file make related folders for each that can be easily understandable whenever you open.
Additional information:
  •  ASUS updated on play store on November 16 2017
  • The size varies with the device
  • 50000000 installs on devices till now
  • The version of the ASUS apk file varies with the device compatibility
  • The ASUS software and apk file are offered by the AenUI , ASUS Computer lnc

Visit the official site for ASUS Click Here

Install ASUS file form Google Play Store Click here

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