Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Wrestling Revolution Free Android Software apk Download

Wrestling Revolution id one of emerging game which started a mobile revolution in 2D.Now this game is having over 10 Millions of download on google play store. While playing the game any versatile animation system means that there is possibly anything can be happened at any moment. It supports as many wrestlers in the ring as your device supports. Full possibilities to create your own star and embarks .or blow off steam in the “Exhibition” of your creation, while you are making the rules, picking the players for the match. And the playing area as well. Up to The 350characters can be extend to editing the privileges across 9 rosters.
Wrestling Revolution

How to play Wrestling Revolution game:
To control the players the buttons can be used are as following:
The button A is used to Attack (high with a direction, without aim to low)
The Grapple / throw object.
To run the player in the ring “R” button can be used.
To pic up /drop up other player the “P” button is use
“T” button is use for taunt or Pin
While the star (*) button is to set fire to a hand held weapon, the procedure is press R button for (run ) and P(pock-up) simultaneously next one to the ring. While the touch controls can also be used for playing the game.
The touch controls:
Ø  To walk in any area touch anywhere towards it.
Ø  For triggers moves swipe
Ø  Tap the opponent to attack the part of the opponent body
Ø  To pick up opponent pinch.
Ø  Part your fingers to taunt or the cancel the action of the player.
Ø  To pause or exit the game touch clock first and then press arrow to the exit form the game.
Additional information:
Ø  Recent update in November 16 2017
Ø  Installs up to 50000,000
Ø  Wrestling Revolution Current Version 1.920
Ø  4.0 or greater Required Android version
y2ksoftware Wrestling game
Wrestling Revolution

Developer Information:

Click here to download full apk file
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