Thursday, November 9, 2017

Free Download VEON App for android

VEON is multinational telecommunication company which is situated in Amsterdam Netherland. It served its services in many countries like Asia, Europe and Africa which is founded in 2009, Augie K, Fabela, Dmitry Zimin are the founders of this app and Mr. Jean-Yves Charlier. Veon is sixth largest mobile network operator in the world with more than 214 million user around the globe.
Veon is chatting application where you can send images, videos, text, documents in addition with top stories and shopping promotions. May be you have a question in your mind that if this application is more like a whatsapp application than what is the difference between them. So the answer the answer is that in whatsapp you can send text, images, audios, videos and calling features. But in Veon you can do all of these but beside all these things you can see top stories and shopping promotions also. 

Why we should use Veon?
Ø  Multimedia messaging
Ø  Group messaging (You can create group with different names to connect with family and friends).
Ø  Prevent data charges, if you have no credit in your mobile Veon doesn’t need a data charges to use you can use a Veon without data charges in your countries.
Ø  Get a Bonus. If you are using first time Veon by signup you can get a bonus and enjoy extra benefits.
Veon is new way to connect with each other anytime and anywhere. This app uses your phone credit or Wi-Fi to call, text, send picture and videos so you don’t need to pay for that.   
There are different offers for different countries like Russia, Georgia, Italy, Ukraine and Pakistan. There are more countries are connecting with Veon.
Ø  For Russian user Veon Application can download in the Russian play store.
Ø  If you are Italian user than you can download Italian play store.
Ø  Other user can down Veon app from google play store and iPhone user can download ios store.
Veon is all about its worldwide customer because our deep roots are customers. Download Veon app link is given below. Our spirit is encapsulated in these values below.
Ø  Customers
Ø  Accurate
Ø  Collaborative
Ø  Honest

  Android 4.0 and above

                                                               Download VEON

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