Monday, November 20, 2017

DSLR Zoom Camera Free Download apk file

The DSLR zoom camera is one of most useful app for your android phone. It is an app with newest and perfect design, that you are indispensable. DSLR Zoom Camera HD makes your memories more amazing. The DSLR zoom camera is prepared for you with new design, up-to-date features new styles for photo and video zooming features that you need. If you feel that you need a top class camera for your mobile the DSLR zoom camera app may a unique and best experience for you. The multipurpose camera can be use as a Selfie camera for you. As the Tilt-Shift enables you to control the blur and supports full HD video recording and the features of DSLR zoom camera are to improve HDR images computed in low light and backlit scenes while the filters and amazing filters effects are also available to improve your photo.
Features of DSLR zoom camera:
Ø     Auto focus
Ø  Set camera resolution
Ø  Set grid
Ø  auto focus/ focus off
Ø  video shoot 30fps
Ø  shutter sound when taking a photo
Ø  timer beep when timer is counting down of for burst mode delay
Ø  Volumes keys behavior when keys are pressed
Ø  Audio or video noise is detected, or a voice command “sheese”
About DSLR zoom camera:
Ø  DSLR Zoom Camera current v1.9
Ø  Android API version 19
Ø  Released under the GPL v3
Ø  Language : en
Ø  Standard max heap?: 144
Ø  Display size: 1280x720
Ø  Preview resolutions: 640x480, 320x240
Ø  Preview resolution: 640x480
Ø  Photo resolutions: 640x480
Ø  Photo resolution: 640x480
Ø  Video resolutions: 640x480, 320x240
Ø  Video frame width: 640
Ø  Video frame height: 480
Ø  Video bit rate: 256000
Ø  Video frame rate: 30fps
Ø  disable shutter sound?: Yes
Ø  Flash modes: None
Ø  Focus modes: focus_mode_locked ,focus_mode_auto
Ø  Color effects: None
Ø  Scene modes: None
Ø  White balances: None
Ø  ISOs: None
Ø  Save Location: OpenCamera (can be changed menually)
Ø  Save Location SAF:

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