Sunday, October 29, 2017

Free download Zapya for android mobile

Everybody having smart phone, tablet or iPhone which means that it have sound, pictures, videos and other document and can exchange any type of data to friend. To transfer the data to other we need some technology so we have different tools are available everyone has its own capabilities like infrared and Bluetooth. Bluetooth is still more useful and used to connect to wireless head, transfer files to another but Zapya is the fastest tool available to exchange data for all types of mobiles.
Zapya is a point-to- point different kind of file sharing application which is developed by the dew mobile incorporation. This app is help us to send large file to another where the internet speed is slow where to send or receive a large file without internet this app will help you to send those files by creating a hotspot by which other device can connect to hotspot and start sharing. It is available for android, iPhone, tablet and pc.
Simply you can say that from one side it is uploading files and downloading from another side it is downloading. You can share pictures, videos, audios and documents. To send a files to another both devices should have to install on both sides.
There are two states in Zapya to connect with each other create group and join group. One device could create state and other device should join then the connection will be established. We can send application also when we have send file to other then Zapya have good feature that we can install from there we don’t need to go to file manager and find that file and install from there.

Zapya have best option that you can backup data this is very beneficial feature which other apps have not.
  • ·         Fastest sharing rate.
  • ·         Fast and simple
  • ·         Without internet
  • ·         Backup data
  • ·         Platform independent
  •            Available for all versions. 

Zapya is very impressive android application for sharing files for that it need both devices to be feasible. Sending and receiving devices should have installed this app and need to keep near because if any of device keep away from another device than the connection will be broken. Download it link is below and keep transferring data.

                                                                   Download Here

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