Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Free download Dubsmash for android


What is Dubsmash? This app is developed by the Mobile Motion Gmbh Video Players and editors. This is an android app which use to create a videos through lipsing. You can make a video of favorite movie dialogue face would be your but the sound would be original one. This can help us to make us funny videos. First of all you have to download this app link is given below and install in your cell. Than you have to create an account once you make an account than you can make a karaoke of others dialogue and much more.

There are so many dubsmashes have already done by other people you can also watch those videos to make you understand how to make a videos. You can copy a character of your favorite iconic star either television or film star.
When you makes video that video will be saved in your account that you will use and can share with your family and friends. There is option also that you can challenge your friends and can make a group Dubsmash also.
Dubsmash app have not only filmy videos but it also have Islamic and other religious videos which you will use to Dubsmash.
Dubsmash library have world largest collection of different comedy, television, filmy, Islamic and other religious video and audio clips. Beside all these we can also create own video using a quotation and add some music behind.
This app is totally free you do not need to pay any amount it is plug and play app. Just download it make your dream true. Make your online community which you can challenge and can share whatever you have done with them.
After create your own video there are much more to that video either you edit the video, apply filters, add, text and stickers. Even you can sing to make a video.
Everyday hundreds of people are joining to this community and increasing day by day. Now this app become no 1 with its largest number of members.


Ø  Copy your iconic star.
Ø  Discover new sounds and movie clips.
Ø  Share with you community
Ø  Every day add new classic and quotes.
Ø  Challenge your family and friends.
            Android version 4.0 and above
            Required space in mobile is 30.2
                                                                 Download Here

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