Thursday, October 26, 2017

Download Facebook for android

Facebook is largest and fastest growing social network around the globe. Mark Zuckerberg is chief executive of Facebook. He developed this network when he was student in oxford. When he and some of his friends are sitting somewhere than one of his friend share this idea that why we should developed such a network that would bring a people a together where everyone can share his ideas, photos, videos and much more none of his friends took interest in this but mark Zuckerberg start working on this idea without telling to his friends. He works hard day and night for developing this application finally he did. When he launched this application that friend which he had share this idea he file a case in court against him he won the case that’s why mark pays a millions of dollars to him.
Now the network become largest social network that keeping up family and friends stay connected than ever had. By using this app share updates, photos, videos and audios etc. so that we can now stay touched with family, friends and pages that are more important to us.

Initially this was created for connecting people with each other but now this app is used for different purposes some of them are given below.

* Attach with friends and family and find new societies on your network
* update your status on Facebook or use emoji to express emotion to show what’s going in life
* Share every good and moment through photos, videos, and favorite moment.
* Get updates when any of your friend like something or comment on your latest posts
* Find family and friends on your network, and make plans to meet.
* Even you can play games with your Facebook friends and family members.
* Make a backup of your photos, videos and info by saving them in albums and files.
* You can follow your favorite artists, heroes, pages, websites, and companies to get notification and     their latest news
* Video chatting with your friends.
* Buy and sell products according to demand.
* Watch live videos on the go on somewhere in the world.
* Comment on pictures and videos.
Facebook is not only for sharing pictures, videos, status and stay connected with friends and family but it is also a personal planner where for saving info, status, sharing videos and sharing pictures. When you share something on your profile you have fully access to control those updates by privacy setting you can make private, public and only me through which you can control who will see your pictures and videos.

Facebook also supports you to keep connected with the latest news and current situations are going around the globe. Attach which your favorite TV stars, Different brands, news, artists, or teams to follow their updates, watch their videos and much more. Facebook is not only supported android but it also supported for PCs also where you can write on your timeline, liking pictures and many more.
  • Requirements
  • ·         Designed for 2g network
  • ·         Android version 4.0 and above
                                                                      Download APK

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