Sunday, October 15, 2017

Cover Fire Mod version 1.4.0 APK for Android

Cover fire is one of most downloaded game on play store because of its high resolution visuals and it’s incredible, extraordinary, animations, characters and levels which you can play efficiently. Cover fire game is a shooting game which is developed by Genera games which is very popular to having lots of downloads on play store. In this game the residents of city are affected by the virus and suddenly become zombies so you have to clean the city form those zombies using different types of guns, missiles, and bomb attacks. There are many types of zombie’s some are very strong and powerful so according to their mighty power you have to buy new energetic armament to kill them. It has so many modes to play you can play download it to play offline either you can play online and you will find lot of online user to play in championship mode using different and latest weapons like AK47,pistols ,Rocket launchers, snipers, tanks, RPG and rifles and other kit’s like medical kit and ammunition tackle etc. There are lot of thrilling levels some of them are quite easy and some are very difficult but not to

impossible to complete but it is enthusing to complete these levels.  In some levels you have to save the prisoner’s .You are the captain of your army so you have to lead them from war zone with having good plan to complete the level. It is necessary to accomplish one level to get in to next. I hope that this game would be the number one in the future because of its popularity among the users. Cover fire is well balance game and improvements in this game makes you feels like a real world. In this latest version 1.4.0 having lot of enhancement in graphics, levels, weapons and etc. If you are not yet downloaded I would suggest you to download it the link is below and enjoy the game. 

v  Impressive graphics.
v  Various weapons can be added.
v  Lot of errors are fixed.
v  Depict real world.
v  Background music tracks.
v  Medical and ammunition kits.
v  Latest weapons.

v  Thrilling stunts.

Size: 286 MB.
Current version: 4.0
Need Android version: 4.1 and high 

                                                           Download APK
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