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Free Download Word Search 10.1 APK for Android



Free Download Word Search game - Word search game apk app was a completely free word apk game app. You have to free Word search apk Games can play on your apk device. This mind-bolloing apk is design by both adults to kids. This amazing apk app is very interest for you have improves your English Skill. Free Download Word search puzzle game’ app is mainly focused and developed not a only based on to distinguished the given words but also to learn unqea new words with our free apk word new search puzzle. You find all new words in the grating using this English vocabulary search new apk app. Free Download Word search game apk App has developed with will develop UI and user benevolence. It is a fustics Word search apk game where players can find and play with this amazing Word puzzle game on your choosing different unique categories. Free Download word searches new classic super apk puzzle games for android have the option to play and envisage with word via clue mention, which helps to you find the new English words based on the given vocabulary in this amazing apk word search apk game. In This amazing apk Word search game. Now you have to download this digital apk app from its link which is given in the end of this. The new letter puzzle game is very easy to play, you have just slide the letter left, up, down right, diagonal in any of the directions. Word Search and word find all new hidden vocabulary in the grid. Word Search apk app will upgrade your vocabulary and exercise your brain!

v . Daily word challenge available in this word search game
v This Find words game is a powerful brain teaser for all ages
v .. Letters grid adjusts automatically to your device in this Find the words from gird.
v Search the words step by step say (Numerical letters refer the word length).
v Word search game Help you to learn new words day to day.
v This Word search puzzle game provides multiple colorful themes selection
v You can search the new Words with new MULTIPLAYER GAME Option! – An advanced level of Word Search Game
v Completely free word search game app.
v More than 5000 words to play on to sharp your brain using the word puzzle game.
v . More categories to have great word search play (30+ categories).
v Numerous levels more the 350 under each super category to check and improve your English knowledge in word search game.
v . You can challenge your enemy with more coins and find new words faster to be the winner


Downlaod Free ANDROID MARKET for android Apk

Free Download Android Market Application

Lets Get a Collection Of Android Publishing sites and Stores in a single app , the time has changed and you have an Android Markeet that provides you thousands of the apps and games published in different top ranked sites and stores just try once.

 Android Market Is the collection of World's Top Android Apps and Games Websites, These Sites have their own individual apps that you have to install separately to your Android Phone to access the latest Android Apps and Games around the world but it is difficult and heavy to install each app separately for top Android store sites and other top ranked sites providing amazing apps and games for android games.

Now The Time is for Android Market where all the sites comes in a single package, so this Application (Android market) provides you the access to all the sites in a single application package saving your time and phone memory space.

The main Features are as under.
 1. It provides you the access to the top ranked sites.
2.It is just 4 Mbs of the size and light weight.
3.It does not fill out your phones memory with different self updates.
4. Does not steal background data to update itself.
5. Great Performance.

Keep Enjoying The Android Market.

Google Drive Apk Download Here


Free Download Kung Fu Rivals Street Karate Fighting


Free Download Kung Fu Rivals Street Karate Fighting is such a amazing apk game of this season 2018.  Block combos and super hit punches on face and use leg to power kicks to defeat your enemy. Fight with stars without using any weapon. Rapidity is a key to win the face to face fight in the street of the fighters. Select your favorite and powerful player and challenge the others one in battle field. Free Download Kung Fu Rivals Street Karate Fighting will give you multiple modes such as single player fight, tournaments and free mode to increase your kung Fu skills in karate apk games. Play fight game and learn how to fight by using only hands, and fire attacks without using any weapons in ninja fighting. Free Download Kung Fu Rivals Street Karate Fighting give you multiple kung Fu games environment with new super functions such as normal, easy and hard mode You will use best martial of the arts techniques with additional karate skills; where you will get the title of champion in your hand by using fighter techniques in kung Fu games. Free Download Kung Fu Rivals Street Karate Fighting Street is a super 3d apk game, learn fight new and dangerous trick and tips and apply recent category in combat field. Enter in the world of fighting with new and super trick and overcome your rivals dead or alive in fighter games. Challenge you enemies and, try in different combo fighting styles, punch your entire opponent and kick out all other super fighters in these fight games. You will take smooth at 60/70pbs system control in fighting of this apk games of 2018. We will give you multiple players with extra Kung fighting skills in boxing of games 2018. On Christmas you will enjoy your holidays with this street challenge kung Fu rival game. Good Luck!


Kung Fu Rivals Street Karate Fighting Features:
v Realistic kung fighting
v Win or Die kung Fu game play mode
v Stunning fighting game addictive environment
v Attractive and realistic boxing of games 2018.
v Fighting skills like punch on mouth, combo attack and action jump


Free Download Clash of Commando – CoC apk for android


Free Download Clash of Commando – CoC apk for android is world famous apk app for apk platform like iois, ipad, and tablate. Free download CLASH OF Commando-CoC apk world famous app for apk android. It’s a 3D free gunner apk counter action game about deadly criminal domination in the city and position, for lawlessness! Your duty will be to perform a restricted operation and destroy their stronghold in shooting missions. You are the super sniper hunting warrior of your troop army and you are given some little duties in branded sniper hunting apk games to destroy your counter enemy's terrorist forces in several countries of the world. You are equipped with great and new modern full  and amazing automatic  and branded sniper rifles, guns, short gun and bazookas unique in crisis action. Your gangster enemy is also really well equipped with even super air force and powerful tank support. There is a fierce firepower to attack; strike& new sniper shoot waiting for you .

v Features

v Unlimited challenging battle missions
v Real Crime city 3d environment
v Best sound effects
v Superior Gunner gun
v Drive the battle tank
v Use the RPG to shot down battle helicopters.

Download Fashion Trending 2018 apk for android

 Your are here to Download Fashion Trending 2018 apk for android, which is one of the best android applications that extracts data from all over the world fashion sites performs data analysis on the data and provides you the data about world trending fashion currently popular and most demanding as perfect bridal jewelry collection, groom and bridal dress fashion trending , shoes and hair styles fashion trends and many more. 

Just Install the Application into your android phone and get updated about all the fashion trending in all aspects of your daily life activities.
The application is simple and easy to to use and install , takes little space and once you are connected to the internet it extracts all the fashion trending data into your finger tips.

Just Install and don't miss your chance to look charming, attractive and shining. 

Google play Store Link apk : Click here To Install Fashion Trending 2018 


Free Download Frontline Commando 2 apk 3.0.3 mod



Free Download Frontline Commando 2 apk 3.0.3 mod is most downloaded action. This famous and poplars action game is introduced by the world best developer GLU is the developer of the game and have developed so many apk game such as 

·       Dino.
·       Hunters.
·       Mission impossible.

And many gamer are exploring for free. Now you have to download this wonderful apk action game from link which is given. All this new super moves proves the exelecent physics and super arts knowledge skills of the developer. in this digital game you have to play new mission let the power bullets fly in the sequel to this famous with the third person and there are some front-line . And army weapons lover will love the action game with happiness. And you have to upgrade and customize your favouairt latest weapons and ply this latest action game with advanced warfare. Commandos are such a real heroes and this are very brave and they are responsible for security of mother land. This action game is very interesting and enjoyable for their gamer. And this latest action game shows brevity of soldiers for nation and for the protection of country. Now this amazing action game is available own you store or sites. Free Download Frontline Commando 2 apk 3.0.3 mod is world best of best action which is go 1000+ ranking and hits own internet play store. And so many sites .They have mind boiling Graphics and excellent animations and super stunning new moves will make love it. Frontline Commando 2 apk action Games is special design for electronic platform and other phones like iPod, tablet Phone. This action game has nice balance improvement in the latest action game that feels a real case. Now you have to get this amazing action game free. This mind boiling action games have outstanding graphics & well listening sound.


v  Assemble your squads to win battle.
v  Make you characters as deadliest as possible.
v  Play action game with advanced warfare.
v   Explosive pvp battle to head over.
v   Explore for free.


v  Size: 227 MB.
v  Version: 3.0.3.
v  Android version: 2.1 and more.


Free Download Zombie Apocalypse mod apk for android



Free Download Zombie Apocalypse mod apk for android is world best action apk game of this year. Download Zombie Hunter, Post Apocalypse Zombie is persist Games, and start, liquidation living deads right now! Become the more zombie killer and stop the undead disease.Free Download Zombie Apocalypse mod apk for is an action game and it’s most acclaimed and prevalent for having lots of hits and ranking own play side. Free Download Zombie Apocalypse mod apk for android action game and its is very stimulating and captivating action game for action lovers. The digital Graphics and super animations and amazing new moves will make you to love to play it and you will find most downloader’s and playing. These min-boiling developers are design casual releases this game and after releases the game. Now this interesting apk action game is ready to makes fun own your apk devices. This latest and latest action game Having digital resolution graphics and like a realistic and high discontinue digital enthusiasm and super personality which you can play lush at up to 60 /40FP. in the game that feels like a real.The Zombie Apocalypse has just begun! A pervasive is unfurled, and people are starting to mutate into some kind of promenade dead. Help survivors by killing the zombie conflagration and stop the end of the earth. Travel to dust bowl, take your own branded rifle and try sniper expertise shooting the unkilled! You will need strategy and correctness, to stop the assault in this zombie action shooter game. Keep your finger on the trigger, survive and shoot to every living dead!
Download Link:


Free Download Gunship strike apk mod for android


Free Download Gunship strike apk mod for android lover. This mind bolloing apk action game is design for fee to for its user. Free Download Gunship strike apk mod for android is truss by all new branded and previous versions of the electronic apk  platform and developer are target  more hits on Google play number of games of all  around world. Free Download Gunship strike apk mod for android scholar proceeding is Gunship strike shooting game at top own ranking on top action apk list chopper ,f8, Free Download Gunship strike apk mod. Now this amazing apk action game is ready to make fun own your android device. Now you have to develop your flying skill and you have To chance driver more latest and branded chopper action apk game. Free Download Gunship strike apk mod for android is a 3D amazing action game in which you get into the Aeroflot of a war helicopter and face a the general public of enemies set on you by land, sea, and air. Between missions you can use the funds obtained to buy new weapons and update your branded chopper Between missions you can use the funds obtained to buy new weapons and upgrade your chopper. And it's a pretty good idea to do exactly that. Gunship Strike has more than 20+ danger and interesting levels, and though the first ones might  tend easy, as you move forward thing get way siff.
v More branded helicopters with a high quality weapons and tools.
v More new super levels in Battle mode & ultimate challenging mode.
v Realistic 3D mind-blowing super graphics and outstanding visual effects.
Requires Android
2.1 or higher.
Download link

Free Download

Top 5 Android Games 2017 Free Download Links

Thumbs up here are the final list for the best And top 10 android games around the year 2017, Many games are new developed by the android developers for the end users from the year 2016 to 2017, The stunning  Applications were really most amazing. All Android applications are designed by keep in eye on the user experience. But the some of applications are still famous among all these applications.
We can not easily enlist the top 10 famous Games for any year but on the basis of best searches, rating and popularity there may be generate list for the best applications for the year 2017.
According Google the top 10 applications for the year 2017 can be as following:


The first application that was downloaded millions times form the app store was the application name "what The forecast?" 
Download Link for What the Forecast  Click Here.

  What The Forecast?!!- screenshot thumbnail     What The Forecast?!!- screenshot thumbnail     What The Forecast?!!- screenshot thumbnail


The second app in the world most famous android application is the "Boomerang" Application this is also an amazing application for the kids. 

Click here to get "Boomerang" on your smart phone.
   Boomerang- screenshot


2017 is full of fun and joy the 3rd application in the top list is "TopBuzz Video" its like just fun with all the guys registered.
Click here to Install the "TopBuzz Video" app.


On the 4th number there is a Horror Chat application named "Yarn".Which offers text option and story option.
Click Here to Install the application on the phone
  Yarn - Chat Fiction- screenshot thumbnail     Yarn - Chat Fiction- screenshot thumbnail     Yarn - Chat Fiction- screenshot thumbnail


 A photo editor got the 5th position in the list named "Beauty Camera" which offers the photo editing features and the effects while the capturing pictures
Click Here To get Beauty Camera on the smart phone

Cover art


Free Download Microsoft Apps Apk File


Cover art
It is now 2018 and yes every thing is possible with just your smart phone. Use features of Multi operating system or Install An application of different Operating system on your smart phone. Microsoft now announce the Microsoft Apps Apk File on the play store to make user able to user their features on the smart phone.
With the announcing of the Microsoft Apps Update 3.0.0 Which include a now feature for the windows insiders program.The stunning application make able a user to browse and continue tasks form the smartphone directly on the Windows Operating System. Just need to do a step for this feature is to become windows insider on the link by  Clicking Here.
Microsoft now offers all the categories including Education, Entertainment , Communication, News, and you also can discover the new applications on play store for the Microsoft Phone. 

  Microsoft Apps- screenshot thumbnail     Microsoft Apps- screenshot thumbnail     Microsoft Apps- screenshot thumbnail

How To Install Microsoft App Apk File:
The basic steps to install the Microsoft App apk file are thee given below
  1. You must agree terms and conditions for the first installation of this app for the terms and conditions you must visit to the a link Click here
  2. Also to read the privacy agreement also need to visit a Link Click He
New Features in Microsoft Apps Apk File:
 New features are now added in Microsoft Apps apk file so it is now become in an amazing look and power, All the features are now in just one click some of  now features of the application are given as:
   Microsoft Apps- screenshot

  1. Have a new experience with Browsing All the apps form Microsoft on Android
  2. Find the trend for Microsoft Apps , Installed apps , and what you want to see.
  3. also can brows by category like, Education, Sports etc.
Additional Features
  1. The Application was recently Updated in December 20,2017. 
  2. Installed on 1,000,000 to 5,000,000 devices till now.
  3. Current Version of Microsoft Apps Apk is
Download Link:
Click Here to Install The App directly

hi5 - meet, chat & flirt Make New Friends Free Application Download For Android APK File


There are Thousands of the social medias around the world, The number of them are famous among the people while there are some sites that are popular around entire world, the list of top 10 social medias can be seen on the google while the one of most famous social site is HI5. It gained almost the most famous site around the world after the Facebook, Instagram, twitter and tumbler, The social  site is actually a social networking site based on San Francisco , California. Hi5 was founded in 2004 while the network was reported as the 2nd largest network in 2007 around the world. Hi5 network had many features just like other social networks have. there are the number of features including photo sharing . users groups and updating status. the social site was redesigned in 2009 more features are now added to the Hi5 towards gaming and entertainment this site is now featured over 200 games in a verity. the online profile can be now create on Hi5 in order to show their interest age and hometown etc the user is now also able to create personal album over hi5. friend request can be also sent via email to other users unwanted request form the people will also can be deleted or the unwanted people can be blocked.

  hi5 - meet, chat & flirt- screenshot thumbnail     hi5 - meet, chat & flirt- screenshot thumbnail     hi5 - meet, chat & flirt- screenshot thumbnail

Additional Information:
Hi5 Updated in December 18 ,2017
Hi5 Size on Mobile is varies with the device
mor then 10000000 till now
No specific Android version needed

Click Here To install Hi5
Hi5 Web Site Addresss


Pixlr – Free Photo Editor Apk File Free Install Directly

Cover art

Make your memories more memorable, It was an could based app for windows users, while the introduction of mobile version make it the offline photo editing application. This application is normally used for the photo editing, hundreds of photo effects makes the application more unique form other applications, while using desktop pixler express edition you need a reliable internet connection, on the other hand using the mobile version does not needs an internet connection. Where some of features will not available offline but you will be able to use them after installing them from the internet.
   Pixlr – Free Photo Editor- screenshot     Pixlr – Free Photo Editor- screenshot     Pixlr – Free Photo Editor- screenshot
History of Pixlr Express:
The photo editing software Pixlr was founded in 2008 by the OLA sevandersson in Sweden. While the an agreement pixlr was not disclosed on 24 April 2017.
Best Photo Editor:
 The pixlr app is one of the best mobile application for photo editing, with best features, new effects are including there. The free pixlr express app allows users to capture images too with applying effects while capturing photos. Formally the app allows all the basic editing features whiling installing the application, but there are number of the features, effects and new tools available online for install and use on your photo.
Some of basic features can be describe as follows:
  1. ·         You can create photos collages with a variety of choices for layout, designing, nice background, best frame and spacing.
  2. ·         Auto fix option will allow you to balance out your captured photo with pixlr epress or imported for editing to the app.
  3. ·         Pencil drawing feature will make a photo more unique.
  4. ·         The new feature in the photo editor application is focus and blur feature, the pixlr exprss also provides this feature.
  5. ·         Resize image easily and kept them into a folder, crop your photo easily with thee pixlr app.
  6. ·         Share your edited photo after finishing the picture with the application directly through Instagram, facebook, twitter , email or the social app installed on your smart phone.

Additional Information:
  1. ·         The pixlr was recently updated on November 13 2017.
  2. ·         More than 50000000 times installed on devices.
  3. ·         The pixler requires 4.0.3 or higher version.

The application can be install through google play store

For desktop version Click Here
Install on your smart phone directly Click here


Best file ASUS File Manager Download free Full cracked

Cover art

Solution to the un organized files on your smart phone is now available on just one step , if you feel the file like Photos ,Videos , music and etc files are not in a well organize in your smart phone your solution is here now. ASUS File manager will help you out for the problem. All the versions are now available on google, including ASUS for PC, ASUS for android and ASUS file manager for iOS too.
   File Manager- screenshot     File Manager- screenshot     File Manager- screenshot
How ASUS Organizes Files:
ASUS file manager efficiently handles your files whether your files are stored in memory, MicroSD card, Local area network (LAN) or a cloud storage account. The files on ASUS file manager software you can edit, delete, move or share from any of your storage listed before. There are some of best features offer by ASUS file manager app can be describe as:
On LAN , Cloud storage, microSD card, or your smart device Search, update, move, or delate some folder can be easily perform.
Max storage for cloud storage supports, as your ASUS web storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and outlook accounts storage can also be embedded to the app. Also a user can manage files in Local Area Network (LAN), or SMB (samba) network too.
To prevent to serve more space the zip fil type is also supported to save files in minimum size on the disk. So that space can be easily saved.
Importance of ASUS app:
Time is more precious among all the things in the world, it is very important to save time for you, while its not possible without be in a managed way, To save your time while you are be on your smart phone , it can be a big task to find a file while you have number of files, photos, videos on your smart phone, so it is very to manage your data  and files on the phone, so you can save your time , effort and the memory too.
Put your file, picture, or video in a designated place for access easily whenever you need it. Identification for your data and file make related folders for each that can be easily understandable whenever you open.
Additional information:
  •  ASUS updated on play store on November 16 2017
  • The size varies with the device
  • 50000000 installs on devices till now
  • The version of the ASUS apk file varies with the device compatibility
  • The ASUS software and apk file are offered by the AenUI , ASUS Computer lnc

Visit the official site for ASUS Click Here

Install ASUS file form Google Play Store Click here